Street Style: Backstage Portland Fashion Week

My favorite part about fashion week? The street style…..

Here’s Anna, one of Portland’s most amazing fashionistas. I’m always so excited to see what Anna is wearing. I basically attacked her with my camera every time I saw her, grilling her on the details of what she was wearing…which was mostly vintage finds….A-mazing.

This girl was the cutest thing ever. A fashion student from OSU and my dresser for 2 of the nights.

One of my favorite models, Alexa. Wearing some fabulous earrings.

I love Courtney, I literally stole the shoes of her feet (which she made) and wore them for the Michael Costello show.

After I stole the shoes off her feet. lol

Here’s the beautiful Kaili in an embellished red top, me in my vintage sheer flowy top

There were so many other amazing looks…I’m just a lazy blogger and didn’t get them all.