Island Delight Vegan Cookies

A little taste of paradise in every bite! These cookies are about as healthy as can be while still getting away with being called a cookie. They are made without flour, sugar, eggs or butter, while still being as delicious as their naughty counterparts. I made some with chocolate chips, and some without. They are good either way, but definitely yummier with the chips added, and they help to hold the cookies together too, they are kind of crumbly without. They would probably taste amazing with white chocolate chips, but I have yet to find ones that are vegan. This recipe calls for quinoa flakes. I wanted to use something a little different, plus, quinoa has a ton of protein. Quinoa flakes are basically quinoa that has been rolled like oats. They are kind of hard to find (I got mine at whole foods) so If you can’t find them, then you could use oats, but it will give the recipe a very different flavor.

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